Mr Ou Jinpei
Executive Director

Mr Ou Jinpei is the Executive Director of the Company and was appointed as the Executive Director of the Company on 25 August 2014. Mr Ou, a Chinese citizen, is the General Manager of Sales of the Group and oversees all sales and marketing related matters of the Group.

Mr Ou has over 25 years of experience in the China petrochemical industry. Prior to joining the Group, he was employed as a manager in several state-owned petrochemical enterprises, such as Guangzhou Branch of Sinopec Corporation (中石化广东广州石油分公司) and Guangdong Province Crude Oil Company (广东省石油公司), where he was in charge of various processes within the petrochemical supply chain, including the management of oil tanks and trading of crude oils. Mr Ou graduated from Guangdong Province Television Broadcast University (广东广播电视大学) with a degree in human resource management in 1989.