Mr Zhan Aiping
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Zhan Aiping is the Executive Director and CEO of the Company and was appointed as the Executive Director of the Company on 25 August 2014. Mr Zhan, a Chinese citizen, is responsible for the overall operations, strategic planning, business development, and corporate management of the Group, including devising the annual plan and financial budget of the Group.

Mr Zhan has over 15 years of experience in the China petrochemical industry, with experience working as the sales manager of various petrochemical and chemical enterprises such as China Chemical Company Limited (Guangzhou Branch) (中化物产有限公司广州分公司), Guangzhou Runqi Chemical Company Limited (广州市润奇化工有限公司) and Guangdong Commercial Enterprise (Group) Corporation Development Branch (广东省商业企业集团公司发展分公司), a company involved in the export and import of chemical and oil products.

Mr Zhan graduated from Jinan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1997.